The interactive display with integrated smartphone synchronisation

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The Product

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Smartphone Mirroring

  • Mirror your smartphone display to the freestanding display
  • Present smartphone app(s) to customers on the large screen
  • Use your own smartphone to run the demonstration

Interactive Display

  • Automatically play promotion material (videos, images)
  • Touchscreen allows customer interaction with displayed websites
  • Present different promotional material at the same time (split screen)

Beacon Communication

  • Communicate with customer smartphones using push notifications
  • Offer targeted┬ácoupons, store maps, and hands-free payments
  • Make a connection between your brand and the customer’s smartphone
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The Technology


Smartphone Mirroring

  • Uses WiFi to connect smartphone with display (no cables required)
  • Supports iOS & Android smartphones
  • No technical knowledge required – super easy!

Interactive Display

  • Display automatically plays promotional material when powered on
  • User friendly software available for creating promotional material
  • 42″ 10-point touchscreen enables customer touch interaction

Beacon Communication

  • Display has built-in Beacon technology for app communication
  • Triggers location-based features on customers’ smartphone apps
  • Collects consumer data and interacts with customers



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The Facts

Ideal for use in shops, branches, entertainment centres, business rooms, foyers, trade shows, and much more!

Suitable for 24 hour use (in smartphone mirroring or display mode).

Updates and future enhancements are provided remotely by interactive touch point.

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Location & Contact

Funkybooth GbR
Alter Schlachthof 39, C1
76131 Karlsruhe

+49 (0) 72182100883